FAQs for Legends Cup


What documents / proofs are required for participation?

• Company ID Cards
• HR Letter head
• ID of Age (license, passport, Aadar Card)

What if my team mate(s) doesn’t turn up on the event day?

The responsibility of each team to ensure this does not happen. In the unlikely event this does occur, you can choose to play with less players or forfeit the match.

Can I get additional slot, if I missed allotted slot?

No. We facilitate upto 15 minutes if delayed

What if my HR doesn’t allow us, but we want to participate in the tournament?

You will need a letter signed by HR that allows you to participate on your own using the companies name and the individual can pay for the team’s entry.

Will we get food at the venue/ what should we bring at the venue?

Yes you will be provided food and beverages. Astro turf football boots are mandatory and for additional safety players may bring shin guards, shorts, stockings (long socks) and any dietary requirements they may have.

Can I invite my friends and family?

Yes. We encourage all participants to invite their friends and family to cheer them on and enjoy a nice day out together.

Will there be anything they can participate in if they are not registered?

Yes. There will be experiential zones set up by Union Bank, LaLiga and some of our other partners which will offer different forms of entertainment, photo ops, small games and other fun activities.

Is there anything for kids to do?

Yes. There will be training twice during the day for children or some football circuits they can compete in and win prizes.


Can I pay later and participate now?

If the company gives a confirmation PO, then the payment is processed 30-60 days later. Without the confirmation from the company a team cannot play. An individual must pay upfront.

What are the Payment options & process?

• Cheque
• Cash (Only for individual teams)
• Corporate Cards (Only available in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore)

Can the payment be made by any third party for my team participation?

Yes so long as there is a clear communication and accountability of the third party and who they are paying for.


Can the teammates be replaced for the match/ after registration process

The players can be changed until they are registered on ground the same day of the match. After they have registered in person, no changes are allowed.

What if I miss the registration deadline?

Then you miss the event for that city but can apply and participate in another city. Timelines of registration are not extended under any circumstances.

What will I get post registration – when- where?

On the day of the event each team will receive a set of 8 jerseys plus food vouchers.

What participation categories are there?

There is only one category where each team pays Rs. 12,000+ GST and gets the stated merchandise and chance to win a trip to Spain and watch a LaLiga game.

Does any bulk corporate discount exist?

If a corporate registers 4 teams then he gets 20% discount on the 4th team called a Loyalty discount.


When is this tournament happening in my city and location?

• Mumbai/StAndrews – 9-10th November
• Pune/HOTFUT – 16th November
• The BASE/New Delhi – 23-24th November
• Astro Arena/Bangalore – 30th Nov & 1st December
• Astro Park/Hyderabad – 7th December
• VS Arena/Kolkata – 14th December

Will it be televised on T.V?

Yes. There will be a 1 hour film made that is going to be televised on Discovery Sports summarizing the entire competition.

What do the winners of the National Finals get?

Flights, transport, accommodation and stadium tickets to watch a LIVE LaLiga game in Spain, 2019. Visas must being granted by Spanish embassy in India to allow travel to Spain.

What is the team size?

8 players per team: 5 players starting on the field and 3 substitutes


What is the Helpdesk options- if I have any query to ask?

On ground for match days there will be a help desk present.
For anything online or prior to the event please contact: info@legendscupofficial.com
or call Hemant on +919971039302.