The Legends Cup kicked off in India’s capital, New Delhi, in 2011. Despite the humble beginnings, the larger than life vision of the Legends Cup becoming the Corporate Football ‘World Cup’ of India has been present since day one.

India’s appetite for football is soaring, as is the skill level. This is reflected in the exponential increase of companies participating in the Legend’s Cup, exciting sports enthusiasts across the nation and giving them something to look forward to each year.

What began as a tournament in 1 city with 16 teams is now played in 6 major cities across the country with an average of 400 teams participating. The response has been overwhelming and extremely rewarding for all involved.

The journey from a city to a nation has been astounding.The Legends Cup has become the emblem of Corporate Football in India, as employees, managers and executives join hands and enter the field.

To date, the Legends Cup has engaged more than 30,000 players all around the nation, from Mumbai to Delhi, Pune to Bangalore and Hyderabad to Kolkata.

The tournament is currently expanding to Australia in the first half of 2020 and will be kicking off in Melbourne. In the second half of the year it will be taking place in Thailand and the U.A.E and by 2021 plans for New Zealand are in place. These will all be played in the same popular 5 a side format with the champions from each country flying to Spain to experience a LaLiga game.

The Legend’s Cup sees the most known names from the most recognized companies putting on their boots and following their passion onto the football pitch in a bid to BE A LEGEND!

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors and Partners that have been part of the Legends Cup in the past 6 years